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Mt. Kailash in west Tibet – Importance to Human being and Nature!

Mt. Kailash in west Tibet – Importance to Human being and Nature!

Mt. Kailash is situated at west part of Tibet, Ngari region (autonomous region of China), It is one of the most popular spiritual destination for pilgrims who follows AUM on their chanting or mantras. Mainly Hindu, Buddhist, bonpo and Janis followers respect Mt. Kailash, Mansarovar Lake as the most important spiritual destination and believe to make at least once in life time.  According to Hindu myth Mt. kailash is the holy homage of Lord Shiva and three days Circumambulation (parikrama) of this holy mountain brings them to heaven or they get liberation. There are many places related with Hinduism as Gauri kund, Nandi Parbat, Yama dwar, Saptarishi cave, Sesh Naga parbat are in Kailash .Holy Lake Mansarovar, Tirthapuri, Gurlamandata etc are around Mt. Kailash. According to Buddhism this holy mountain is the place for Guru Rinpoche as well known as Kang Rinpoche the precious one of Glacial Snow” and regard it as the dwelling place of Demchog (also known as Chakrasamvara) and his consort, Dorsephagmo. Three hills rising near Kang Rinpoche are believed to be the homes of the Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Vajrapani and Avalokiteshvara Buddhist makes Circumambulation of this holy mountain to get liberation and get peace in mind. There are many figure print, foot print and handprint of great Buddhist followers in the way. The worship of Mt, Kailash from four different directions has different values for pilgrims. There is Guru Rinpoche cave, Milarepa cave and other many spiritual sites related with Buddhism. Followers of Bon, Tibet’s pre-Buddhist Shamanistic religion call the mountain, Sipai Man (Sky Goddess). Additionally, Bon myths regard rise as the site of a legendary where 12th century battle of sorcery between the Buddhist Saga Milarepa and the Bon-Shaman Naro-Bon-Chug took place Milarepa’s win over Saman displaced Bon as the primary religion of Tibet, firmly establishing Buddhism into prominence. Now a days Inner Kailash Kora or Circumambulation of Mt. Kailash inside outer trail is being famous for pilgrims but it needs people on good health condition and should have high altitude experience to cross high pass. Nandi Inner kora starts from Darchen on south face of Kailash. Charan sparsh or touch Kailash can be making from Dirapuk on west face of Mt. Kailash.

Holy Mt. Kailash is the great source of water which is most important for whole south Asia because this is origin of four huge rivers which are connected with life of human beings, nature and civilization. Those four rivers originated from four side of Holy Mt. Kailash and covers huge land of Asia.

  • North Of Mt. Kailash: Lion Mouth – Indus River
  • East Of Mt. Kailash: Horse Mouth – Sutlej River
  • South of Mt. Kailash: Peacock Mouth – Karnali River
  • West of Mt. Kailash: Elephant Mouth – Brahmaputra or Yarlung River

Due the extraordinary contribution of Nature and Human being, Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake is supposed as life line for Asia.   Spiritually it is providing positive spirit to society, people who are interested on self meditation, stay with nature and learn Tibetan Buddhism, re-treat and experience Highland adventure can choose Mt. Kailash as top destination.