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Bhutan Spiritual and Cultural Tour

Bhutan Spiritual and Cultural Tour: Bhutan is a country nestled in the eastern Himalayas. The country has been visited by a great many saints, mystics, scholars and pilgrims over the centuries who not only came for their personal elucidation, but blessed the land and its people with an invaluable spiritual and cultural legacy that has shaped every facet of Bhutanese lives visitors and guests to the country will be surprised that the culture and the traditional lifestyle is still richly intact and at the degree to which it permeates all strands of modern day secular life from the traditional woven garments to the prayer flags on high mountain slope, from the built environment to the natural environment. This cultural heritage is proudly evident and offers a unique cultural setting. There are hundreds of spiritual monuments which is related with Buddhism including monasteries, dzong, spiritual center and cultural centers.

The Bhutanese have treasured their natural environment as it is seen as a source of all life and the abode of the Gods and spirits. Buddhism has been the predominant religion since the 7th century and has inculcated deeply the value that all forms of sentient life, not just human life, are precious and sacred. Given such a prevailing ethos which respects the natural environment. it is not surprising that the Bhutanese have lived in harmony with nature and that the nation has its environment still pristine and intact today the country has been identified as one of the 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world and as one of the 221 global endemic bird areas. Its eco-systems harbors some of the eastern Himalayas with an estimated 770 spices of birds and over 50 species of Rhododendron, besides an astonishing variety of medical plants and orchids. Bhutan also has a rich wildlife with animals like the taken, snow leopard, golden langur, blue sheep, tiger, water buffalo and elephant.

We hope that visitors who make the journey to Bhutan enjoy their experience and return home with glowing memories by Spiritual Expeditions facilitates the making good choice of programs and Visa and Tickets.

Some of the Bhutan Spiritual and Cultural Tour Highlights; Tiger’s Nest/ Spiritual Hike to Kurjey, Jambay and Tamshing Lhakhang/ Kila Gomba Meditation with Nuns/ Singye Drak/ Maebar Tsho/ Trongsa Dzong and the Ancient Watch Tower/ Namkha Ningpo Rimpoche/ Tang Valley Excursion/ Tango Monastery & Chari Pilgrimage/ Buddhist Master/ Cultural Show/ Kichu lhakhang/ Sengye Drak/ Meditation in Speech Room/ Fertility Hike & Meditation/ Punakha Dzong/ Tashichoe Dzong/ Archery Match/ Kharchu Monastery/ Gho & Kira/ Wind Flags/ Farewell Dinner at Farmer’s House.

Trip Information

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    8 Nights/ 9 Days
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Detailed Itinerary


Welcome to Bhutan “the Land of Spiritual Happiness.” As you touch down, you will be received with “tashi khada” by your guide and driver at the airport and driven to the town for welcome tea and refreshment.

(Please note; your itinerary shall be flexible and you can skip few sightseeing if you wish to rest more. Your guide will give you options)

Paro Spiritual Sights & Thimphu Acclimatization Day!

Get blessings at the oldest temple Kichu lhakhang, built in 629 AD by a Tibetan king. Open your being and meditate inside the temple and soak in its ancient spiritual legacy.

Rinpung Dzong “fortress of the heap of jewel.” A flagstone path rises gradually from a beautiful wooden bridge with shingle roofing and abutted by two guard houses to the Dzong.

Drive to Thimphu (drive 1hr). Thimphu is a charming capital city nestled in the heart of the Himalayas.

En route walk on the ancient suspension bridge at Tamchok lhakhang, the hereditary place of Saint Thangtong Gyalpo and witness the 3 Himalayan stupas; Bhutanese, Nepalese and Tibetan at Chuzomsa

The Tashichhoe Dzong, the main secretariat building, the office of the King and Throne room and also the house of the State Monastic Body.

Walking tour in Thimphu city; Hongkong market, Norzin lam, Main traffic area, Wogzin lam, Clock tower etc.

A special Bhutanese dinner at Simply Bhutan in gho & kira (national dress) if interested. A cultural show consisting of mask dance, traditional and nomadic dance, folk and spiritual songs and music alongside bon fire.



Drive 12km away from Thimphu city and hike to the picturesque Tango Chari. The place was first visited by Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th century. Later in the 13th century it was visited by Phajo Drugom Zhigpo the Tibetan Lama who established Drukpa Kagyu tradition in Bhutan.

First Hike to Tango Monastery where the highest level of Buddhism studies is done in Bhutan. As Tango is the seat of the renowned Buddhist master Gyelsa Tenzin Rabgay, we will try to arrange an appointment to for you to meet him if he is not in meditation. On the way down take the old trail and get blessed at the sacred pilgrim spot and also go through the rock channel to purify your energy and remove your sins. The hike takes about 1.45 hrs round trip.

After picnic lunch at the forested riverside hike to Chari Gomba glued to the rocky cliff 300m above the river valley. This 12th century Chari gomba is the most sought-after meditational retreat center for the monks in the kingdom. (2hr hike round trip/ picnic lunch will be arranged along the trail)

Visit the holy shrines, and spend some time meditating. It’s believed; here meditation happens on its own.

A Buddhist master/ monk will speak to you on mindfulness, inner peace and Buddhist way of life and join you for a friendly dinner where you can freely ask any questions.


In morning, Drive to Buddha Gang, this offers the spectacular view of Thimphu city and valley. This giant Buddha-statue overlooking Thimphu is one of the biggest in the world.

Circumambulate around Memorial chorten (huge stupa). This is one of the most prominent landmarks in Thimphu and also the favorite spot for the locals of all age to chant mantras, prostrate, pray and practice their devotion.

En route stop by Dochula pass

(3150m) to enjoy spectacular views of the eastern Himalayan Mountain range. Stroll around 108 stupas and enter Drukwangyel (Royal temple).

After lunch, visit the Punakha Dzong, “Palace of the Great Happiness”. This beautiful fortress lies between two rivers, the Pochu and Mochu, male and Female River.

Drive to Yebisa village, and climb to Khamsum Yulley chorten


Drive over one of the most scenically beautiful routes in Bhutan, to Bumthang. En route stop for mountain-view at Pele La pass (3,300m) & Yotong La pass (3425m). It’s common to spot yaks along this pass

Stop along the journey to enjoy landscape, villages and for photography.

En route circumambulate Chendebji chorten, a large white stupa beside a stream.

Visit Trongsa Dzong; a white fortress that appears to grow directly up from the narrow green ridge. Visit the temples inside the fortress and interact with the monks.

The Ancient Watch Tower which is now turned into a historical museum.

As you enter Chumey valley, visit Yathra weaving centre. The hand-woven woolen cloth produced locally.

In evening, free to rest in your hotel or take a leisurely walk around the valley.

Overnight Bumthang/ YUGHARLING RESORT 4* (Alt; 2600m)


Jakar Dzong (fortress of the White-bird). It is probably one of the biggest Dzongs in Bhutan with the

Surrounding walls about 1 km in circumference.

Spiritual Hike along a series of ancient and important sites such as, Jambay lhakhang, Kurjey lhakhang, &Tamshing lhakhang. (These temples have many mythical stories linked to its origin and dates back as early as 7th century. Your guide will unfold its mystery as you visit these sites). Try meditation at the inner shrine room of Tamshing lhakhang, it has a profound energy field.

Kharchu Draktsang, the biggest

Buddhist colleges of the kingdom. If you are interested a meeting will be arranged with one of foremost Buddhist reincarnated saint “Lam Namkha Ningpo” for blessing and interaction. If he is in Bumthang during your visit.

Stroll down from the monastery to the river bank and stroll around the peaceful town of Bumthang.

In evening, stroll in the town at your leisure.

Overnight Bumthang/ YUGHARLING RESORT 4*


After breakfast, drive to Tang valley; stop to visit Menbar Tsho (the burning lake) on the way. This lake is one of the most sacred pilgrimage site and holiest lake in the country and is believed to be a wish fulfilling lake.

Visit Drangchel, Pema Lingpa’s birthplace. You will come across picturesque valleys and ancient


Drive to Ugyen chholing palace which is now a museum and gives an interesting sight into life of an aristocratic family in the last century. Have lunch In Ugyen Chholing Palace. The restaurant is set up in a traditional way.

Visit Guru’s Nye , Tang Rimoche’s Lhakhang, located below an enormous rock .The monastery is marked as a sacred place because Guru meditated here. The rock has a body print of Guru and his two consorts. Locals also believe

it’s the gateway to Zangtopelr (heaven)

Drive back to Bumthang and in the evening. stroll around the quite local town of Bumthang and shop for souvenir.

Overnight Bumthang/ YUGHARLING RESORT 4*


In morning, board domestic flight to Paro from Badbalathang. (You can have breakfast in Bumthang or Paro, optional)

You will be received at Paro airport by your new guide and driver, and first driven to nearby hotel for


Drive to Chelela pass (3,810m) & enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Mt. Chomolhari (7134m).

Easy walk on the ancient trail amidst tall Alpine trees to the solitary Kila Gomba. Kila is the oldest nunnery of the kingdom and there are nuns who have spent their entire lives seeking spiritual liberation at this monastery. The hike to this oldest nunnery takes about 1.5hrs round trip or you can straight away drive to the Kila Gomba on a new road.

Spend time interacting and meditating with the nuns in the wild. Flow with the serenity and silence this isolated place offers.

After picnic lunch, drive back to Paro and drive on a dirt road to Sengye Drak (the Lion’s cliff) at Dotey village. This sacred temple is blessed by Guru Rimpoche & Khandro Singdong Ma.

In evening, witness an Archery Match played by locals with lots of hue & cry. Walk around Paro’s local town and shop for souvenir.

Overnight Paro/ TASHI NAMGAY RESORT 4* (Alt; 2280m)


After a wholesome breakfast, spend your day hiking up the forested path to Taktsang Monastery, also known as Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan’s most famous, spiritual and scenic icon. Tiger’s Nest clings to sheer cliffs of 900m above Paro valley and it is a pilgrimage site for every Bhutanese to visit once in their lifetime The trek takes about 4-5hrs round trip.

Before proceeding to the holy monastery, offer butter lamps at the Cliffside for the wellbeing of all sentient beings.

Sit inside the speech room just above the cave where Guru Rimpoche meditated in 8th century. Open your heart and allow yourself to embrace the divine energy circulating at Taktsang and carry the fond

Experience with you when you fly back home. A sunkey (holy string) and khada will be given to you by a lama before you leave the speech room and Tiger’s Nest.

Lunch at the hillside cafe with close Tiger’s Nest view.

Your guide will assist you in putting the wind-horse flags on trees & cliffs for your blessing and protection. We believe this will bring you a smooth trip back home.

In evening, authentic Bhutanese style farewell dinner in traditional dress at a typical village home with local liquor called “Ara.”

Hot stone bath, optional. River rocks are heated and dunked into a large wooden tub with herbs. This type of bath is considered to have medicinal properties of healing.

Overnight Paro/ TASHI NAMGAY RESORT 4*


Our representative will bid you farewell at the airport. TashiDelek!

Please note: There is daily flight from Bumthang to Paro. The flight has a sitting capacity of 48 passengers but due to the aviation rules the aircraft carries maximum of 24 passengers

(Only for Bhutan part)



  • Mixed accommodation in 3*,4* and TCB approved Hotels and Resort
  • All 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) inclusive in tourist standard restaurants
  • Transport/ new model, full option, Hyundai and Kia SUVs for FIT/ Toyota Hi-ace, High-roof, Toyota coaster, Bus both 4&6 Cylinder +Toyota Hilux as luggage Van for Larger groups
  • Entrance fees to all Major Tourist Sites including museums, fortresses & Temples
  • Royalty of USD 65 per-day per head, TDF and Government tax
  • Professional Company English Speaking Guide( Spiritual)
  • Bumthang – Paro airfare
  • Bhutan visa fees
  • Mineral water on tour
  • Gho and Kira (national dress for tour & farewell dinner)
  • Private Cultural show for 15 and above pax
  • Yoga and meditation session, if interested
  • Out of the package activities and sightseeing


  • International Airfare( BKK- PBH- BKK or KTM- PBH-KTM)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Beverages and Personal expenses
  • Personal tips to staffs

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