Tiber Tour

Tibet is autonomous region of china, situated at northern side of Himalaya Range. Long Himalayan range is border between Nepal and Tibet. Lhasa is capital town of Tibet autonomous region. After Guru Rinpoche visited Tibet on 8th century AD, it becomes spiritual center. Thousands of people visit Tibet to experience and learn Tibetan Buddhism every year around the world. Tibet belongs to Tibetan Plateau with average elevation 4350 meter; Tibet has different natural attraction which is totally different than other places of the world as landscape, mountain views, alpine lakes, rivers, sky caves, vegetation etc. Tibetan culture related festivals and tradition is unique which makes people on different world. At west Tibet there is another spiritual center for all AUM followers like Hindu, Buddhist, bon, Jain etc which is well known as Holy Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake, devotees makes Circumambulation or kora of Holy Mt. Kailash via High pass Dolma La to get eternal spirit.
Lhasa and around has many destinations related with culture, nature and spirituality. East Part of Tibet “Kham “, Central Tibet and Lhasa, Amdo, West part of Tibet “Ngari” are the best places to explore in Tibet. It has been renowned for centuries as a mysterious and timeless land. Despite modernization, it still retains many elements of its past: intriguing gompas, ancient markets, fun-loving and ever-smiling Tibetans and curious nomads with their yak caravans. The awe-inspiring mountain, panoramas, sweeping plains and turquoise lakes combine to create unforgettable sights.
Tibet may be the unforgettable destination for all people by spending days in Tibetan cities, mountains and Tibetan environment. There are many trekking and tour destinations. The cities like Gyantse, Shigatse, Lhasa, Tsedang, and Yarlung are the ornaments of Tibet having cultural, Natural and spiritual importance.
The main attraction of Tibet tours are potala place (winter home of Dalai Lama), Barkhor markets, Jokhang temple, Norbulingka Palace, Sera monastery, Ramoche monastery, Kumbum monastery, Samye Monastery, Ganden Monastery, Tashilumpo monastery( Place of Panchan Lama),Khumbum Monastery, Yamdro Tso, Shakya Monastery, Rongbuk monastery as the spiritual places this can be extended to explore north Everest Base camp in this route. We can get modernized experience in the cities like Lhasa, Gyantse and Shigatse. In west and far west Tibet there are famous and spiritual destinations which is well known on all OMH followers as Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Bonpo etc . Mt. Kailash, Mansarover lake, Paiku-so Lake, Kyanglung Valley, Garuda valley, Gurugem monastery, Thirthapuri, Guge Kingdom etc. are famous spiritual centers in west Tibet. Many of the pilgrimage want to make Mt, Kailash Kora with crossing Dolma La Pass via Dirapuk. There are great views of Long Himalaya range, beautiful lakes and landscape on the route.